Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

The Henry County Hospital Board of Directors held their monthly board meeting on Monday, January 7, 2013 in the Heller Community Room at Henry County Hospital. Present at the meeting were Dr. Joseph Krueger, Chairman of the Board; Kimberly Bordenkircher, Chief Executive Officer; Marv Barlow, Vice Chairman; Dr. Douglas Lindsey, Tom Mack, Rick Fruth, John Wilhelm, Anne Goon and Jim Burkhart. Also present were: Mary Clapp, Controller; Patricia Frank, Chief Nursing Officer; and Lee Ann Druhot, Executive Assistant.

Kim Bordenkircher, Chief Executive Officer, presented the hospital monthly report to the Board of Directors:

• We are making changes to how new hires enter the organization, in an effort to improve their orientation, get them started at HCH with the right tools and knowledge and to increase their ownership and engagement for their work at Henry County Hospital. These changes will give the employee information on our basic principals during their first two days of employment and give them a baseline of knowledge on which the managers will then build their department orientation. This will then improve their engagement and success at HCH!

The first change is that new hire orientation will now be a two-day orientation. It will be held the third Tuesday and Wednesday of each month. The first day is going to focus on our principles from anchoring excellence, such as AIDET, rounding, key words, lean, and celebrations. In addition, during the first day the new staff member will complete their Kronos training (payroll) and rapid regulatory courses on Healthstream. Day 2 will be structured similar to what it was in the past to include HIPPA, infection control, safety, ethics, abuse and neglect, compliance, quality and the behavioral standards.

The second change is that no employee will be allowed to start their employment until they have attended new hire orientation. New hire orientation will be their first day of employment.

• The Administrative Team reviewed and updated the hospital's succession plan. The succession plan identifies a process for when individuals resign or retire from certain positions throughout the hospital. This assures that smooth transitions occur. The need for succession planning was identified during the board self-assessment in 2011.

• We are required to complete a community health assessment every three years. 2013 is the year for the next survey. Henry County Health Partners was created to address the results of the 2010 assessment. This group is a collaborative of Four County ADAMhs Board, Henry County Family & Children First Council, Henry County Health Department, Henry County Hospital, Henry County Job & Family Services, Napoleon/Henry County Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Henry County.

The survey instruments will be customized adult and youth health assessment questionnaires which include a set of core questions used by other Ohio counties (written to be identical or similar to the Centers for Disease Control's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) for adults and the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey (YRBSS) for youth) and a limited number of customized questions to meet the needs of Henry County. Survey length will not exceed 115 questions for adults and 80 questions for youth.

The information from the survey will be available in the Fall; a community event will be scheduled to review the information

Mary Clapp, Controller presented the financial statements for November 2012. There were 56 admissions and 10 births through November. Days in accounts receivable remained at 49.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 4, 2013 in the Heller Community Room.