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Breast Biopsies And Mammogram Myths

Breast Biopsies And Mammogram Myths

When it comes to breast cancer, the best course of action is prevention. Spotting early symptoms and keeping up with routine testing helps identify breast cancer in its early stages when it’s easiest to treat. So if you are guilty of skipping your mammograms, or are wary of getting the breast biopsy your doctor ordered, we have the facts as to why both are vital, down below:

Common Breast Biopsy and Mammogram Myths:

Myth: There is no history of cancer in my family, so a mammogram isn’t needed.

Fact: More than 75 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have had no family history of it. Early detection of breast cancer can improve your chances of survival. Annual mammograms for women over 40 can help you spot cancer before symptoms kick-in (which often can occur at the later stages of disease).

Myth: Getting a mammogram will expose me to radiation.

Fact: A mammogram does use radiation, but the amount is minimal and within healthy guidelines. They are highly regulated to meet safety measures, too.

Myth: If my mammogram is clear, so am I, as it’s the only way to find breast cancer.

Fact: Though keeping up with your mammograms are essential, they don’t always spot all types of breast cancer. When dense breast tissue is present, it is more likely for cancer to be hidden by the tissue. For those with dense breasts, your doctor might also suggest a breast ultrasound or breast MRI.

Myth: But won’t a biopsy spread my cancer?

Fact: Getting a breast biopsy is the only way to diagnose breast cancer adequately. Whether you have a needle biopsy, in which tissue or cells are removed with a needle, or a surgical biopsy, in which an incision is made to remove tissue, it will not spread your cancer.

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