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Helping Patients Throughout Henry County, OH

An estimated 50-70 million adults across the United States deal with some type of sleep disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sleepless nights can be more than just tiring, they can significantly impact your daily life and could affect your overall health. At Henry County Hospital, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best healthcare possible in order to promote holistic wellness. If you are dealing with sleep apnea or another sleep disorder, the new Henry County Hospital Sleep Center staff wants to help.

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Sleep Center Services

The hospital is prepared to help you and your loved ones with any applicable sleep issues. At Henry County Hospital Sleep Center, we can provide you with high-quality sleep diagnostic testing in order to determine the best treatment. A trained sleep technician uses noninvasive equipment to monitor patients during an overnight stay in a private, home-like room. During that time, staff can assess your sleep movement, body position, heart rate, respiratory system, muscle activity, oxygen levels, and brain activity to look for any abnormalities.

After the sleep study, we will ensure results are immediately sent to the patient’s sleep physician of choice. Both the sleep physician and the patient’s primary care physician will evaluate the results and consider the best form of treatment.

Trust Our Qualified Sleep Technicians

If you are ready to schedule your appointment at the Henry County Sleep Center, our diagnostic testing is now available. Evening tests occur every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and all appointments require referrals. We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Contact Henry County Hospital today to contact our medical team.

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Patient Reviews
  • Sleep Center

    The technician was a delight to work with form my study. She was helpful and answered my questions, any concerns I had. She explained to my satisfaction.

    Margaret M.
  • Sleep Center

    Staff members who performed my sleep study was so sweet and helpful. She made my study a very pleasant experience.

    Debera P.
  • Rehabilitation

    I have always had kind and patient therapists. They were encouraging and glad when I showed progress. They are all very friendly and courteous.

    Betty C.
  • Sleep Center

    Kristen was wonderful!! Thank you!!

    Casey H.
  • General

    "Amazing nurses and other staff."

    Deb H.