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Henry County Rehabilitation Services

At Henry County Hospital, we care for patients so that they can return to a functional lifestyle as soon as possible. The loss of mobility or cognitive function due to an illness or injury can be a devastating time for both the patient and their loved ones. We hope to lessen the devastation and provide a personalized plan to help a patient recover their independence, as well as reach their maximum potential.

All of our therapies are available and offered to patients of all ages. Family members and loved ones are encouraged to be part of the experience as well.

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Contact us at 419.591.3818 to schedule an appointment or with questions.

occupational pain Occupational Therapy- The goal of this therapy is to help the patient achieve a functional lifestyle and maximize their ability to care for themselves and live independently.

Physical Therapy- The goal of physical therapy is to help patients treat neurological, muscular, bone, joint, and other disorders caused by pain, swelling, limited movement, and more. physical therapy

speech therapy Speech Therapy- The goal of speech therapy is to help patients develop a program that enables them to improve their ability to speak, read, write, swallow, remember, and communicate.

Aquatic Therapy- The therapy is performed in our warm water pool and a therapist guides you through a one-on-one session to increase flexibility/strength, decrease pain and swelling, and stimulate balance and muscle control. Click here, to learn more about Aquatic Therapy. Aquatic Therapy

Meet our Team

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Patient Reviews
  • Rehabilitation

    The rehab team was great to work with!!

    Keith D.
  • Rehabilitation

    I am extremely pleased how the progression of my therapy has helped in my everyday life. Both O.T. & P.T. showed me the correct way to maneuver to adapt to my home life situation.

    Mary E.
  • Rehabilitation

    All personnel made me feel very comfortable. Gave privacy when needed.

    Sandy B.
  • Rehabilitation

    Every single PTA, PT + registration clerk are wonderful!! This is the best place for P.T., everyone is so caring + professional.

    Becky P.
  • Rehabilitation

    Everyone on staff treated me with respect and was very helpful in my recovery.

    Jacqueline Y.
  • Rehabilitation

    They do a great job.

    Ernesto E.
  • Rehabilitation

    I have always had kind and patient therapists. They were encouraging and glad when I showed progress. They are all very friendly and courteous.

    Betty C.
  • Rehabilitation

    Very pleased with the program and everyone is so nice. Thorough.

    Cathy H.
  • Felt like you were part of the team. They all cared about my outcome. Wanted to see you do well. Appreciated letting Greg be part of the team.

    Julie T.
  • Rehabilitation

    The facility was very clean and neat. Easy to get to. Therapists were very friendly and knowledgeable in their field of work.

    Phyllis M.
  • Great place for therapy. Friendly, concerned about progress. Cleanliness during Covid.

    Peggy J.
  • General

    "Amazing nurses and other staff."

    Deb H.
  • Rehabilitation

    Very flexible with scheduling. Approachable staff.

    Natalie N.