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Our Culture/ Awards and Recognition

What sets Henry County Hospital apart? Our culture.

The teamwork and dedication of our employees supports our mission to provide quality, exceptional care for our patients. We seek providers who have a passion to serve the community and welcome those who lead by example.

Henry County Hospital is:

  • People-Centered: We are family and friends taking care of family and friends.
  • Excellence-Driven: We strive for excellence in everything that we do.
  • Community-Focused: We exist to support the community’s healthcare needs.
  • We care for every patient and family as if they were our own. That shared commitment has fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and personal connection amongst our team.

Our strategic plan features many elements from lean, six sigma and hoshin planning, and it defines the culture we all work to support.

  • Base decisions at all levels on what is best for the patient
  • Offer a family-friendly, flexible work environment
  • Encourage transparency and open feedback
  • Foster a non-punitive culture that eliminates defects quickly
  • Coordinate clear communication and collaboration between departments

Each day, our team strives to reflect HCH’s values and carry out our strategic plan. Visual elements throughout the hospital help keep our goals and guidelines top-of-mind, and employees receive quarterly recognition for their efforts.

Employee Testimonials

"The employees at HCH are amazing! Knowing I work with such a great group makes coming to work easy. We work together to give patients the best possible care, and we have fun doing it!"- Lynne Bartz, RN

“Henry County Hospital is the only job I have had where the organization truly cares about me as individual. I can say this is true for every employee and patient that walks through the doors. We can provide exceptional care to our patients because our organization cares for us.” -Shelby Greiwe, RN

“I love working for a hospital that strives to provide excellent care for each and every patient that walks through the door. Knowing that every person you work beside feels the same way about the care that is provided is such a good feeling. I can't begin to count how many times I have had patients and family members of patients tell me that they don't go to bigger facilities because of the excellent care they receive here at Henry County Hospital. It is just one of the many things that we take pride in here at HCH and will go over and above to make sure our patients always feel safe and comfortable.”- Erin Linder, RN

“Everything that we do strives to improve the patient’s perception of care. Discharge phone calls, rounding on patients, and the use of key drivers, all play an integral part. The feedback that we receive from the patient’s themselves is how we change our practices. If a number of people are dissatisfied with an element of their care, whether it’s the registration process or how their room is cleaned, we look at that data and make changes appropriately. Through constant evaluation and guidance by the Nurse Managers and administration, we learn how to improve patient satisfaction. We have physicians who will only bring their patients here because they know they will receive excellent care! It’s the little things like that, is why I enjoy working at Henry County Hospital.” -Jeannine Hoover, RN

In every department, you will find a team of highly-skilled and dedicated people, which has led to much recognition for Henry County Hospital’s patient experience and quality of care. We are also proud to be recognized for our hospital’s support of workplace health and wellness.

Best Places to Work

  • Henry County Hospital has been ranked number 16 among healthcare providers and insurers in Modern Healthcare’s 2022 Best Places to Work award program

Outpatient Services: 4-star rating for overall quality of care

Inpatient Services: 5-star ratings for:

  • Overall rating
  • Communication about medications
  • Communication with nurses
  • Pain management

The Partnership for Excellence Silver Award

  • Recognizing excellence through innovation, results and visionary leadership using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence

Ohio Department of Health's Ohio Healthy Worksite Award

  • Gold recognition for our employee health and wellness program

American Heart Association's Fit Friendly Award

  • Gold recognition for providing physical activities, healthy eating options, and an overall culture of health and wellness for our employees