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Do Wounds Heal Slower as We Age?

Factors that Contribute to Slower Wound Healing

As we continue to age, many of our body functions become less efficient—including our ability to heal from injuries. While the elderly people have the ability to heal from most simple wounds, their bodies have a delayed response when it comes to the speed of their recovery which is seen with slowed inflammatory and proliferative responses. Typically, this is a result of medical issues that are more prevalent in older people. Here’s what you hould know.


One of the main side effects that diabetics face is that they lose their sense of feeling in the lower extremities, which can make it difficult to notice when they’ve experienced an injury on their leg or foot. Diabetic conditions also negatively impact blood circulation and the body’s inflammatory response, which are key components of blood clotting and wound healing. This slow response can allow small cuts and scrapes to evolve into large wounds that need medical attention if left unattended to.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency is a condition in which the walls of the veins become weakened and valves are damages, causing veins to remain filled with blood. This can lead to swelling in the lower extremities and can even cause ulcers on the skin - which is caused when your blood is unable to flow back to the heart, making your blood leak into surrounding tissues.


Osteoporosis means that the bones have become poros to the point where the spaces within your boney tissue are greater than your healthy bone. Unfortunately this puts you at a higher risk for sustaining a fracture and makes it harder for your body to repair the broken bone.

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