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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is myHCH Patient Portal?

myHCH Patient Portal provides you with confidential and secure access to your health information. From the convenience of your home or on your mobile device, you can access test results, your medical history, upcoming appointments, and medications and allergies.

Where does my health information on myHCH Patient Portal come from?

All of the information contained in your profile on myHCH Patient Portal is information from your Henry County Hospital electronic health record.

Is there a fee to use the myHCH Patient Portal?

No, use of myHCH Patient Portal is provided free of charge to any patients of Henry County Hospital.

How can I get registered to use myHCH Patient Portal?

There are several ways for you to register for myHCH Patient Portal. Upon patient registration, you will be asked if you would like to register also for myHCH Patient Portal. The other opportunity is to activate your account online. You can also contact us at (419) 591-3809.

Can my family access my health information?

In addition to having access to your own health information, myHCH Patient Portal also allows you to grant others, as you wish, to have access to your health information. Individuals at least 18 years old can be given access to your health records with an authorized consent to help manage your care. For more information on access rights, please call (419) 591-3809.

Who do I contact for possible errors in my record?

Your information on myHCH Patient Portal comes directly from your electronic health record. If you find errors, please ask your physician’s office to correct any inaccurate information at your next clinic visit. Please note, your clinic may not be part of the HCH system and therefore not part of myHCH Patient Portal. For a list of primary care clinics and departments within the HCH system, see the website at

What if I have technical problems with myHCH Patient Portal?

If you have technical problems with myHCH Patient Portal, please call (419) 591-3809.

Yes, you may submit certain health data elements by using the Health Tracker features of myHCH Patient Portal. Please log in to your account for more information on how to connect your personal health devices to myHCH.

Can I access my child’s health records from my account?

Yes, you can access your child’s health record until they reach the age of 18.

Can I request an appointment through myHCH Patient Portal?

Yes. You can request via myHCH Patient Portal and a staff person will call you to finalize your scheduled appointment.

Can I access myHCH through my smartphone?

Yes. myHCH Patient Portal can be accessed using an Android or iPhone through the "MHealth" app. Once you have installed the app, you will have to choose the portal for Henry County Hospital. If you need assistance, please call (419) 591-3809.

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