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The Truth About Midwifes and Hydrotherapy

The Truth About Midwifes and Hydrotherapy

When it comes to figuring out your birth plan, the options can seem endless and possibly a bit overwhelming. Do you want anyone in the room with you? Epidural or no epidural? Should you consult a midwife, and what is that hydrotherapy you keep hearing about? All these are not uncommon questions, and at Henry County Hospital, we want the help to educate you a little bit more on two of them: midwives and hydrotherapy.

We believe the whole family should have the most comfortable and healthful experience possible, and that all starts with education. As you begin to plan for the big day, here’s what you should know about the benefits of midwives and hydrotherapy:

What is a Midwife?

With various levels of training, midwives are trained professionals that can assist healthy women during and after labor. Some are registered nurses (CNMS), some have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the health field (CMS), and others have clinical experience in childbirth (CPMS).

Midwives are Not Just For Home Births

Beyond not fully understanding the role of a midwife during surgery, another common misconception is that they are only for use in home births. The opposite is true. A vast majority of midwives attend deliveries at hospitals or birth centers.

They Do More Than Just Delivery

They assist in the entire process before, during, and after childbirth. They can educate you on the process, help with your birthing plan, perform prenatal exams, and provide emotional support during labor. If you are looking for a little guidance and extra support to make the birthing process a little less stressful, a midwife might be the best fit for you.

What to know about Hydrotherapy

Not to be confused with a water birth, Hydrotherapy, or water labor, is the use of water during labor to help improve the physical and psychological state before delivery. Many find that being immersed in water during labor can help ease the pressure on the spine and make the moments before delivery less painful. For healthy pregnancies, this can be a great way to relieve the pain of contractions. A midwife can help explain this option more in detail when going over your birthing plan.

From patient education to private birthing suites, the Henry County Birthing Care Services is dedicated to ensuring your whole family has the best experience possible. Find out more about why you’ll want to grow your family with our family!