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Get the Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming Of With Henry County Hospital Sleep Center

Get the Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming Of With Henry County Hospital Sleep Center

Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to feel rested. If you are concerned that you have a sleep disorder that is preventing you from getting enough sleep, you should start by talking to your primary care provider. According to Kristen Sawyer, Henry County Hospital Sleep Center educator, here are some symptoms that call for a conversation with your provider:

  • Snoring excessively
  • Pauses in breathing while sleeping or any respiratory distress during the night
  • Finding yourself extra tired throughout the day or dozing off while driving
  • Suffering from symptoms of heightened irritability, temporary memory loss, or other signs of limited sleep
  • Headaches in the morning

“It may be surprising to learn that one in three adults suffer from a sleep disorder.”

“Most sleep disorders can be managed and effectively treated once they are diagnosed,” said Sawyer. “The first step is to see your doctor and get a referral for an appointment with the Henry County Hospital Sleep Center.”

Common Sleep Disorders

Although it can be easy to blame stress or a hectic schedule for the occasional sleepless night, long-term feelings of exhaustion or trouble sleeping can be an indication of a sleep disorder. “Sleep disorders are medical conditions that can affect the quality of your sleep and negatively impact your overall health,” says Sawyer.

Common Disorders include:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Periodic limb movement disorder

“The most common disorder we see at the Sleep Center is sleep apnea,” said Sawyer. “If left untreated, moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea is strongly linked with worsening hypertension. Patients with high blood pressure that is resistant to medication are likely suffering from sleep apnea.”

Henry County Hospital Sleep Center

The Henry County Hospital Sleep Center offers several sleep tests to accurately diagnose and treat a wide variety of sleep disorders. This includes overnight and daytime testing at the Sleep Center, as well as home sleep tests.

“If your doctor refers you for testing, you can be confident that you will receive care from highly trained and credentialed staff,” said Sawyer. Sawyer herself holds multiple credentials including a Certification in Clinical Sleep Health, Clinical Sleep Educator and Registered

Polysomnographic Technologist. Post testing, a board-certified sleep physician will also evaluate each study and provide a formal written assessment.

Sleep rooms are equipped with televisions, private bathrooms, and comfortable beds. “The environment is quiet and private,” said Sawyer. “You won’t find uncomfortable hospital beds or distractions that you would expect in a hospital setting. We try to make our patients as comfortable as possible during their sleep study.”

If you are concerned about a sleep disorder, talk to your doctor and request a referral to the Henry County Hospital Sleep Center. For more information, visit Henry County Hospital or call 419.591.3871.