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Henry County OB/GYN

We Listen to Patients and Treat Them with Dignity and Privacy

At Riverview Women’s Care at Henry County Hospital, we provide comprehensive
obstetric and gynecological (OB/GYN) care to women throughout Napoleon and
surrounding communities. From puberty through childbirth up to menopause,
women’s health needs require specialized care throughout their lives.

That’s why Henry County Hospital offers a full spectrum of OB/GYN services for
every season of a woman’s life. Our excellence in this field and many others has
resulted in Henry County Hospital’s reputation for excellent patient experiences. In
fact, we are known for treating generations of women from the same families who
have entrusted their healthcare needs to us.

The OB/GYN Services We Offer

Annual Well-Woman Visits & Pap Tests

Preventative care is the best way a woman can protect her reproductive and sexual
health, as it is the best way to detect diseases early so they can be treated much
more easily than if they had been missed. By going to yearly visits to see your
OB/GYN, you can build a relationship with your doctor and they can get to know
your medical history.

Pelvic Pain

If you’re experiencing pelvic pain, you could benefit from the help of an
occupational therapist who has pursued additional specialized training in treating a
variety of women’s pelvic health diagnoses. These include pre- and postnatal pelvic
pain, urinary or bowel incontinence, and back pain. Contact your physician if you
would like to see an occupational therapist for your pelvic health concerns so you
can have the prescription you need to begin occupational therapy.

Infertility Treatment

Our OB/GYN fertility specialists use the latest technology and state-of-the-art
science to create a customized treatment plan to success. You will have honest
discussions with your OB/GYN regarding your unique challenges so you can make
informed decisions about your infertility treatment.

Menstrual Issues

Our OB/GYN providers have extensive experience helping women pinpoint the
cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding, menstrual disorders like PMS and PMDD, and
related conditions. Our team will discuss your options and design a personalized
treatment plan for you.

Menopausal Issues

Menopause is an inevitable part of every woman’s life, but it doesn’t have to slow
you down or limit you in any way. Our OB/GYN experts are here to help you
understand what to expect in all stages of menopause and how to promote your
optimal health.

To learn more about our OB/GYN services in Napoleon, OH and to schedule an appointment call, 419.599.0055.

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Patient Reviews
  • Birthing Care, Riverview

    I can’t say enough great things about the HCH birthing center. All of the nurses were amazing. I went twice a week for test and became familiar with the nurses there. The nurse was amazing she held my hand and wiped away my tears.

    Cassandra L.
  • Birthing Care, Riverview

    HCH saved my life and my baby’s life!!! God bless all who work here, especially Donna Augustine CNM, and Dr. Haftkowyz And all who work in labor and delivery! Without them neither one of us would be here! ❤️✝️

    Margo S.
  • General

    I can't say enough about Dr. Kettinger, and most of the nurses in the ER. I think they are great and trust them. Don't care where I am at I all to go to Henry county. Great job guys.

    April K.
  • General, Riverview

    Dr. H is amazing he's doing all he can to help complete my family (I have fertility issues)

    Emma L.
  • General

    "Amazing nurses and other staff."

    Deb H.
  • Birthing Care, General

    I and my boyfriend had the best birthing and postpartum care experience. My labor was hard and long but being so well taken care of by every nurse and doctor made the stay amazing and helpful. Every staff member there provided exceptional care! ❤️

    Courtney J.
  • Internal Medicine, Riverview

    My husband had outpatient testing. He wasn't feeling well and they were understanding, attentive, and overall very pleasant! They were the epitome of what patient care should look like! To say we were impressed is an understatement!

    Rebecca R.
  • General, Riverview

    Dr. H is an amazing doctor he listens so well and is very kind as well as his staff made me feel as if I was family. I have never felt so welcomed ... the first time was not just dismissed so quickly he heard me ☺️

    Racquel M.
  • General, Primary

    Henry County has been a wonderful facility. Everyone that my husband and I have interacted with has been very kind and thoughtful. They have gone above and beyond to help people. Our child was born here and had a great experience.

    Amanda C.