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Patient Success Story: In Search of a More Restful Sleep

Patient Success Story: In Search of a More Restful Sleep

After nearly two years of waking up every morning feeling exhausted, Teri Ordway knew it was time to talk to her doctor. “I was completely drained. I had no energy, and I wanted it fixed,” said Teri. “I was falling asleep every afternoon, and I didn’t even have any energy to play with my grandkids.”

Determined to figure out how to get back to her active lifestyle, Teri made an appointment with her primary care physician, Dr. Anna McMaster. “She recommended a sleep study,” said Teri, “and referred me to the Henry County Hospital Sleep Center.”

Feeling Drained

Teri’s symptoms of waking up tired and feeling drained indicated that she was suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which you stop breathing multiple times for 10 seconds or longer while sleeping. Your body senses this and pulls you out of deep sleep to get you breathing again. Although Teri was not aware this was happening, an at-home sleep test confirmed that she stopped breathing 14 times an hour.

“I was surprised that this first test was done at home,” said Teri, who had expected to spend the night in an uncomfortable hospital room. “It was easy to put the monitor on, and it was comfortable to wear.” When she returned the monitor to the Sleep Center the next day, she was given the results and next steps.

The Results

After the initial at-home diagnostic study confirmed that Teri was suffering from sleep apnea, she was scheduled for an overnight study at the Sleep Center. This study, called a titration study, would give the doctors the information needed to prescribe a CPAP machine customized to Teri’s needs.

“I had people telling me that I would hate using a CPAP machine, so I was a little nervous going in for the second sleep study,” said Teri. To her surprise, Teri said, “It was actually a peaceful, quiet experience. The sleep specialist was determined to find the mask I would be most comfortable in, and as a result, I had no trouble sleeping at all.”

Feeling Recharged

Today, Teri is looking forward to getting back to living life. She and her husband, Doug, are making plans to visit their four children and 9 grandchildren. “I have always been the one that got down on the floor with the grandkids or chased them around, but lately I have been too tired,” said Teri. “I am so looking forward to getting back to that.”

Henry County Hospital Sleep Center

If you are concerned about a sleep disorder, talk to your doctor and request a referral to the Henry County Hospital Sleep Center. For more information, visit or call 419.591.3871.