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5 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

5 Questions to Ask Before Surgery

When a doctor suggests surgery, it can be a bit overwhelming and leave patients with a list of questions. Though your head may be spinning, speaking up and asking the right questions can not only help improve the whole process, but it can let you make the most educated choice. So if your doctor has recently suggested surgery, here are five questions you’ll want to ask before going under the knife.

1. What are the benefits of this surgery?

Before committing to surgery, you want to make sure the good outweighs the bad. You’ll want to know how long these benefits last and if a follow-up surgery will be needed — remember to be realistic. Not all procedures will have the same outcome, so knowing what to expect after can help ease your worry and prepare you for what’s ahead.

2. What are the risks?

With any procedure, there can be some risk. Complications and side effects can’t always be predicted, but they can occur and knowing them will allow you to weigh them against the benefits so that you can make an educated decision.

3. What will happen during surgery?

Have your doctor walk you through the steps of what exactly will happen. Be sure to ask about the pre-operation procedure, when your family and friends will be able to see you, and how long the whole process will take. The more you know about the procedure, the less you and your family will worry.

4. What can I expect after?

Are you allowed, visitors? Will you have to stay a few days or will you be sent home immediately? Waking up from surgery can leave you tired and confused, so being aware of the aftercare and routine can make it a bit less stressful. Ask your doctor about pain, swelling, or any post-surgery symptoms that might occur.

5. What will recovery be like?

There will be nothing you’ll want more than to return to your day-to-day life, but doing so before you can, might leave you with some serious complications. Ask your doctor how long the healing process will take, how you can work at home to improve your healing, and if you’ll need any physical therapy, at home help, or follow-up visits. Asking about the recovery can allow you to prepare your home and your family to provide you with the best recovery possible.

At Henry County Hospital, we take pride in providing exceptional surgical services in Napoleon. From beginning to end, you can expect a safe surgical experience.