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Bad Habits that Worsen Chronic Pain

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  • Written By: Henry County Hospital
Bad Habits that Worsen Chronic Pain

Habits That Are Making Your aches & Pains Worse

When living with persistent pain, it is important for you to cut back on certain bad habits to help minimize your discomfort. The health experts at Henry County Health outline some everyday habits that can worsen your already existing aches and pains.

Smoking & Using Tobacco Products

Research has shown that smokers and former smokers are more likely to develop chronic back pain than those who have never smoked. Smoking can also exacerbate pre-existing aches and pains. If you smoke, it is recommended that you quit.

Leading an Inactive Lifestyle

While it’s okay to take time to relax every now and then, leading an active lifestyle can leave you at a higher risk for developing and worsening chronic pain. Your body needs its supportive muscles to protect your fragile joints and ligaments from damage—when they’re underdeveloped, you’re more prone to sustaining injuries.

Chronic Stress

Although it’s normal to experience elevated levels of stress from time to time, prolonged exposure to your body’s stress response can exacerbate chronic pain. When you’re under a lot of stress, your body releases cortisol, which can lead to pain-causing inflammation.

Ignoring Your Aches & Pains

While many of us are guilty of pushing through aches and pains to continue with our daily activities, powering through them. However, when certain injuries go unaddressed, they can result in more extensive damage that may require invasive treatment.

If you experience pain during specific activities, or even when you’re resting, you should speak with your doctor to get to the root of the problem.

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