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Awards & Accreditation

Promoting Health & Wellness in Henry County, OH

Since 1919, the hospital has been dedicated to the health of each and every individual patient, as well as to the health of the community as a whole. Henry County Hospital's approach combines exceptional health care with personalized patient service, ensuring patients are better taken care of here than anywhere else. As a result, our hospital has received many awards for patient experience as well as for the quality of care provided by the HCH team.

Henry County Hospital's Awards

Over the years, Henry County Hospital has been recognized for its quality of care and excellence in all aspects of hospital functions. We have won several awards from various organizations and research firms for our patient experience and other noteworthy accomplishments.

  • Take a look at our Professional Research Consultant awards:
  • 4-star Outpatient Services - Overall Quality of Care
  • 5-Star Inpatient Services - HCAHPS-Communication about Medications
  • 5-Star Inpatient Services - HCAHPS-Communication with Nurses
  • 5-Star Inpatient Services - HCAHPS-Overall Rating
  • 5-Star Inpatient Services - HCAHPS-Pain Management

These ratings are determined by the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey which is the first nationally standardized and publicly reported survey of a hospital's care from the patient's perspective.

  • In addition, we have won quality and wellness awards:
  • The Partnership for Excellence Silver Award
  • Ohio Department of Health's Ohio Healthy Worksite Award - Gold
  • American Heart Association's Fit Friendly Award - Gold
  • 5-star level for all Ten Steps of the Ohio First Steps for Healthy Babies

Accreditation for Henry County Hospital

DNV Healthcare is a leading accreditor of US Hospitals, integrating ISO 9001 quality compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation. The Henry County Hospital is accredited by DNV Healthcare. DNV has a NIAHO accreditation program requiring hospitals to evaluate the care of patients and improve the care as needed throughout its facilities. The accreditation process includes annual visits from DNV surveyors who monitor the hospital's adherence to patient safety criteria and evaluate processes that affect patient care across the hospital. Accreditation by the DNV benefits the hospital, the community, and the staff.

  • Some of these benefits include:
  • Accreditation reinforces Henry County Hospital's commitment to provide safe and quality care.
  • The NIAHO accreditation platform helps to improve the quality standard of patient care.
  • The accreditation inspires the staff to uphold the quality of care.

In addition, our laboratory services are accredited by Joint Commission.

You can trust the highly rated and accredited health care services and programs offered at Henry County Hospital. We are dedicated to being your partner for life.