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Patient Success Story: Swing Bed Services

Patient Success Story: Swing Bed Services

Regaining Her Independence at 83

Bev Hinkle turned 83 in October, but she is not letting that slow her down. After raising 9 children and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she has earned her position as matriarch of the family. “My kids all look after me, but I have to remind them that I am still the captain of this ship.”

Recently, Bev’s independence was challenged when she was hospitalized because of a kidney stone. “I was in the hospital for a full week,” said Bev. When she was told that she would need short-term rehabilitative services, she was sure of one thing, “I guess I really didn’t think I was as bad as I was, but I was not going to be sent to a nursing home.”

Rehabilitation Close to Home

Henry County Hospital Swing Bed Services offered Bev the opportunity to be close-to-home while receiving short-term rehabilitative services. Swing Bed services give patients like Bev access to the full range of hospital services while focusing on an aggressive rehabilitation and medical program that helps build strength and endurance. Exactly what Bev needed to regain her independence.

“When I first got to Henry County Hospital, I couldn’t pick my feet up to get into bed,” said Bev. “By about the second day, I was able to take a shower and use the bathroom. I felt like a million dollars when I finally got a shower!”

When it came time for Bev to go back home, she only had one regret. She would no longer have access to the meals provided at the hospital. “The food was absolutely excellent,” she said. “I could get what I wanted when I wanted it. It was great!”

Back at Home

Today, Bev is looking forward to getting outside and working in her yard and flower garden. Although still as independent as ever, she is forever grateful for the care and support she received from Henry County Hospital Swing Bed Services.

Henry County Hospital Swing Bed Services

Swing Bed Services allows patients to stay close-to-home while still receiving the best possible care. Patients will appreciate:

  • Private rooms
  • Flexible visiting hours and dining options
  • Having access to the same staff who treated the patient during their hospital stay
  • Instant access to necessary services in one location.

Another benefit of the program is the Swing Bed Services Coordinator who works closely with patients and their families on admission and discharge planning. To discuss if Swing Bed Services is right for you or your loved ones call 419.592.4015.